Alejandra Arenas
Graduate Work

The goal for the project is to design a dental clinic that will be used by patients of different ages, where they will feel excited to come in to a clinic and without any worries. For many years people have avoided dental offices because of the anxiety or stress that the feel or experience while thinking about the treatment that they will get. The anxieties that patients feel start off really early in childhood either because of the way parents react to being in the dentist, the sounds that are heard throughout the clinic, or because of how the interior is usually designed as a white healthcare setting. Over the past few years more has been done to promote well-being and welcome patients into healthcare settings. They are now places where patients feel comfortable visiting. The spaces are welcoming; they have new technology integrated in the environment and positive distractions that allow for visits to feel fast and stress-free. Positive distractions include new technology, naturalistic attributes brought in to the interior, and adding natural light. By adapting what large healthcare environment have been doing into smaller healthcare settings, the users of these places will feel more comfortable.

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